Walter Anga and Eve Esin in “Mother’s Betrayal” Movie

Mother’s Betrayal (2013). Jealousy and thirst for power gradually penetrates a palace driving away peace and unity they have earlier known. Who will bring back the sanity in this home? This heart-warming star studded movie welcomes Chiege Alisigwe and Chidi Ihezie back on set after years of staying off the screen and just as always, they played their respective roles remarkably. Mother’s Betrayal also features alongside Laz Ekwueme, Walter Anga, Eve Esin and Chinyere Wildred.

A prince and heir apparent to the throne is badly maltreated by his father the king; to the extent that he is forced to seek refuge outside the palace. Many years later the prodigal son returns home expecting that things have changed and is sorrily mistaken. Walter Anga, Laz Ekwueme, Chinyere Wilfred. (2013)

Laz Ekwueme, Chinyere Wilfred, Walter Anga, Chiege Alisigwe, Eve Esin, Nnadi Ihuoma

Director: Okey Zebelu Okoh

Executive Producer: Uche Nancy

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